Our Story

Founded by board certified Obstetrician and Gynecologist, Dr. Kameelah Phillips, OBaby! Parent Education and Baby Planning originated with the understanding that welcoming a new baby can be an equally exciting and stressful time. We believe the key to minimizing stress for new parents is to BE PREPARED!

OBaby! was born out of Dr. Phillips’ own experience as first-time new mom and her everyday interactions as a physician. When Dr. Phillips realized she was pregnant with her first child, she and her husband were overjoyed. By that time, she had ushered hundreds of babies into the world, and naturally knew exactly what she was doing, right? WRONG!

Just like many of her patients, Dr. Phillips soon found that she had a million little questions about what to expect of her new life. Some questions she could answer using her knowledge of medicine; some questions could be answered by reading books-if you find the time to read them; others still could only be answered by turning to other experienced mothers.  Eventually, Dr. Phillips became a mother of two beautiful children and was determined to pass on the knowledge she learned to new parents.

As an obstetrician and mother of two, Dr. Phillips is uniquely positioned to understand new parent concerns, anticipate baby planning needs, and skillfully guide new parents through this exciting time. She created OBaby! Parent Education and Baby Planning to provide new families with accurate and realistic expectations for pregnancy, baby, breast feeding, and the 4th trimester.

Whether you are expanding your family through pregnancy, adoption, surrogacy, parenting later in life, or are extended family in need of a re-introduction to baby life, OBaby! is the best planning and educational resource for you.