What is Maternity Consulting?

Congratulations, you are expecting. OBaby! is your first and last stop for your parent education and baby planning needs.

What is a maternity consultant or baby planner?
A maternity consultant, or baby planner, is a private consultant dedicated to helping new parents prepare for the arrival of a new baby.  Our goal is to help you and your family enjoy your pregnancy by guiding you though the educational process, skill building, and preparation you need to receive your new addition.  We help you stay focused and organized throughout the pregnancy with the goal of being prepared for your little one by 36 weeks.

Do I need OBaby! Parent Education and Baby Planning? Do I need a baby planner?
The short answer is yes! You studied, practiced, and passed an exam before driving your first car, right? At OBaby! we believe the same study and attention should be paid to one of the most significant changes in your life.  Having a dedicated baby planner can absolutely change your pregnancy experience and decrease the natural anxiety that comes with a newborn.  If you are a first time parent we know that the number of questions are limitless and navigating the myriad of parenting resources can be overwhelming.  We are here to answer any question and help you feel confident about baby.

Our services cater to and are perfect for:

  • New parents with limited family or personal support in the immediate area
  • New parents with limited time for nesting due to busy work or travel schedules
  • Patients on strict or modified bedrest
  • Mature, first time parents
  • Single parents
  • Adoptive parents
  • Parents desiring a unique and personalized perinatal and postnatal experience.

Consider the hours- yes, hours- you can spend researching, planning, and running around for baby.  We believe this time can be better spent relaxing, spending time with family and friends, and enjoying the miracle growing inside you.

As your baby planner, OBaby! will draw on years of professional experience, hundreds of unique births, and resources to help you choose the best options to fit you, your family, and lifestyle.  We will design a plan for your new life and baby according your parenting philosophy and interests.

If saving time, energy, and anxiety sounds appealing then having a baby planner is perfect for you.  We make your life easier by being your primary source for education and coordination for all things baby so you can enjoy the ride to parenthood.