Labor Support

OBaby!’s Parent Education classes help partners better understand how to help support you during this intense time.  We will also personalize the course to meet your individual needs and concerns.  Check out our two childbirth preparation classes: Your Birth Plan and Labor of Love.

Your Birth Plan

A birth plan is a flexible document that helps you communicate important medical history and personal preferences while you are in labor.  We will discuss strategies to minimize the anxiety of labor by helping you understand the role of a birth plan and how they can be used to help have a safe and enjoyable labor experience.

We are here to help you successfully address questions and concerns with your healthcare team prior to the onset of labor.

We will walk you through our comprehensive birth plan and help you understand how different medical conditions and circumstances can impact your labor.  After our private consultation we will provide you with a personalized birth plan unique to your family and desire to have a healthy and safe delivery.

The Details:
Your Birth Plan private consultation can typically be completed during a 60-90 minute session.  After understanding your medical history and concerns we will then provide a written document for your review within 72 hours of the consultation. We recommend you complete Your Birth Plan prior to 36-37 weeks so that you have time to review it with your provider and made any necessary adjustments.
Please call for pricing and scheduling details.

Labor of Love

Our private or small group classes cover everything you may want to know-or not know- about the labor process.  You will learn:

  • How to physically prepare and recognize the signs of labor
  • The stages of labor and what to expect during this time
  • When and how to communicate with your provider
  • Labor Interventions, Monitoring, and Medications
  • Medical and non-medical options for pain management
  • Fetal interventions and protocols
  • Cesarean Birth
  • Tools to create and communicate with your labor team

The Details:
Labor of Love can be completed in a 5-6 hour one day intensive class or over two evenings in the privacy of your home or small group setting. We recommend starting the course around 36-37 weeks.  The expecting mother and her partner or support person is expected to attend.
Please call or email for pricing and scheduling details.

OBaby! Doula Network

What is a doula? The word “doula” means “woman who serves”.  Doulas are birth companions experienced at providing emotional and physical support to the mother before, during, and, sometimes, after labor.  They may play a special role for women during this emotionally and physically intense time.  Whether you plan for a medicated or non-medicated labor, it may be helpful to have a committed support person during this time.

If you are interested in considering a doula, let OBaby! help you find a doula that properly meets the needs of your family.