Frequently Asked Questions

Does OBaby! offer medical or prenatal care?

OBaby! offers baby planning, consultation, and parent education services. We do not offer medical care. Although OBaby!’s curriculum has been curated by Dr. Phillips, she does not provide any form of medical care or advice during this experience. She will work closely to help you communicate your labor needs and concerns with medical staff and your established care provider.

Who can benefit from OBaby!’s services?

We love working with anyone who expects to care for a little one. We believe it is important that anyone caring for a newborn should have parent education and access to an inclusive nonjudgmental parenting support system.  If you or a loved one:
Is a first time, older, single, same-sex or adoptive parent
Have limited support in the area and need someone to discuss baby concerns with
Are on strict or modified bedrest
Are really busy with work or travel and don’t have time to prepare
Are excited about the baby, but not so excited about the baby prep
Have tons of questions and concerns about labor, baby, and life after baby
Simply desire extra support with baby prep, recovery, breast feeding, and other concerns

Then a consultation with OBaby! Parent Education and Baby Planning is what you need to get your arms around this exciting time.   We can help you prepare for baby with the personalization you and your family deserve!

Where do you provide services?

We schedule education sessions at your convenience, and in the privacy and comfort of your home or a preferred location of your choosing. We can also provide recommendations for a safe, comfortable environment in which to provide services upon request.

I only need specific services, can I choose certain services or create my own package?

Of course! Contact us to create a program based on your individual needs and concerns.