Client Testimonials

I hired OBaby! to help ease my anxiety and for peace of mind that only a qualified professional could provide.  I live in New York City and I don’t have any close family nearby, so my husband and I would essentially be doing this “on our own” as first time parents.  We were both excited, but extremely overwhelmed by all of the advice (both unsolicited and solicited) and information that is available on the internet.  We met Kameelah through a mutual friend and she told us about her services and I immediately hired her as my maternity consultant.

We decided to go with the complete consultant package because we anticipated having concerns at every turn.  We were so happy we did! Kameelah was extremely helpful and answered some of my most embarrassing questions.  She provided unbiased, nonjudgmental advice and guidance that I knew I could trust.  Kameelah was also very helpful with creating my registry.  I had no clue what I would need, how much I would need or which items were better than others. She did an onsite visit with me to Buy Buy Baby and we went through all of the options after she had carefully narrowed down options to just 2-3 items.  This was a tremendous help and her tips resulted in us having everything we could possibly need for our baby’s arrival.

This was one of the greatest investments that we made in preparation for our baby.  Yes, I definitely relied on my OB/GYN for many things, but there were some non-medical things that are just as important that our doctor was not in the business of advising on.  Having a specialist that was available, credible, honest and unbiased was worth the peace of mind.  I highly recommend her services!   –MP

I highly recommend OBaby! maternity consulting service for personalized guidance through every aspect of pregnancy and early childhood planning and execution.  I was a first-time mom, a busy, professional mom, a traveling mom, and (to put it mildly) a nervous mom.  I managed to fully experience and enjoy every aspect of my pregnancy and the time with my newborn — without stress and angst — because of the support and care I received from OBaby! and Dr. Kameelah.  While it may seem that pregnant women and new moms have lots of support at their disposal — in the form of obstetricians, nurses, birthing instructors, lactation consultants and others — nothing can compare to having a trained specialist who is devoted to your needs and provides tailored, personalized guidance and care.  This is particularly helpful for new and professional moms (and I fell into both categories).  Dr. Kameelah helped me through every phase of the pregnancy and motherhood experience, down to the detail.

First, I’m a lawyer and was in the middle of a major mediation during the period when I had to plan my baby registry.  I just did not have time to get to it.  Plus, I had no idea what I really needed for the baby or his nursery.  Dr. Kameelah and her staff assumed the entire process of preparing the registry and helped me organize the nursery.  By the time my son was born, he had everything he needed (and nothing he did not).  Because OBaby! did such a great job on registry and nursery preparation, I retained them to support me through the labor process. Although I ultimately had to have a C-section, I was totally prepared for the labor process and knew exactly what to expect and how to handle it.

Second, after the baby was born, I felt I needed much more support than the doctors and nurses on staff were able to provide — although they were great, they also had other patients and demands.  I was healing from a C-section and knew nothing about lactation and how to care for a newborn baby.   Dr.  Kameelah guided me through all of this — she assisted me with handling the basics of nursing and other lactation issues, guided me through the pain management of the C-section, and helped me to get settled in with my baby at home.  Her great bedside manner and compassion provided me with the support and confidence that I needed to manage the “new mom” experience.

Finally, after a few weeks, I looked to OBaby! for support with weaning, newborn sleep training and various other aspects of baby care.  It was helpful to have a trained ear to listen to my concerns and guide me through every aspect of the birthing process.  Having the one-on-one support that I received from Dr. Kameelah made all the difference.  If you are a busy mom, or just nervous about pregnancy and new motherhood, I highly recommend Dr. Kameelah.  With her support, you will enjoy your new motherhood experience all the more. –GR