Birth Plans: Expectations & Preferences

A birth plan is a flexible document that helps you communicate important medical history and personal preferences while you are in labor.  While it is important for parents to remember that no one can control every aspect of labor and it is important to stay flexible, a birth plan may help you have a more positive birth experience.

For many people, Labor and Delivery (L&D) is their first major experience with medical professionals.  We believe that birth plans can help minimize the anxiety of labor by helping you understand what happens during labor.  Understanding hospital protocols, labor interventions, and the role of a birth plan can help you have a safe and enjoyable labor experience by managing your expectations of the labor process.

OBaby! will help you create a birth plan to help you prepare for the labor process by reviewing aspects of labor and the hospital experience that you may have never considered.  Familiarity with this process can be very important, especially if you have concerns regarding the labor process or if hospitals or health professionals make you nervous.

We will walk you through our comprehensive birth plan and help you understand how different medical conditions and circumstances can impact your labor.  After our private consultation we will provide you with a personalized birth plan unique to your desire to have a healthy and safe delivery.   We can help you develop a birth plan as a part of our parenting education service or as a separate service for interested parents.

The Details:
Your Birth Plan private consultation can typically be completed during a 60-90 minute session.  After understanding your medical history and concerns we will then provide a written document for your review within 72 hours of the consultation. We recommend you complete Your Birth Plan prior to 36-37 weeks so that you have time to review it with your provider and made any necessary adjustments.
Please call or email for pricing and scheduling details.