Bringing Home Baby

This is the best hands on class to prepare you to bring home your little one with confidence-Yay!  In our class, we will cover:

  • Common newborn hospital procedures
  • Feeding and sleeping for parent and baby
  • Newborn health concerns and when to call your pediatrician
  • Newborn behavior, hunger cues, and soothing
  • Infant care including umbilical cord care, bathing, and diapering
  • Bottle cleaning, storage, maintenance, and safety
  • Newborn safety-Sleeping, Travel and Baby wearing.

This class is preferred for parents who do not plan on breastfeeding, choosing to use bottles, or adopting.

From diapers, feeding, sleep and development milestones we will cover everything you need to know for your new little bambino. Bringing Home Baby can be combined Newborn Feeding 101 for complete coverage of baby care and feeding.

The Details:
Bringing Home Baby is a 2-3 hour class for the pregnant mother and her partner or support person.
Please call or email for pricing and scheduling details.