Living As Daughters

Today I spent the afternoon in the company of fellow birth educator, mother, and doula, Frankela Albury.  Like me, she is mother of two fabulous girls (young women, really) and spent most of her life devoted to birthing and babies.  This second generation doula was kind enough to share with OBaby! a poem she wrote decades ago chronicling her journey to motherhood and the roles that define her life-Daughter, Mother, Sister and Doula.  We hope her words resonate with you the way they did with us.

If you have any questions or interest about Doulas and how they can enhance your labor experience, reach out to us! We would love to help you out! Enjoy, OBaby!

Living as Daughters by Frankela Albury

Living As Daughters
Swimming, tossing and turning in my comfort zone of love
Being pressured to enter a world ready for me
That I wasn’t ready for
So I came out
Screaming, yelling, crying and kicking
Watching and waiting for…
Listening to the sounds of laughter mixed with tears
Chatters of OOOOh’s and AAAAh’s
While my soul re-entered the earth
In the Summer of ‘75
Thirteen I was
When elders spoke of protection and rites of passage
‘Cause my titties began to sprout
My ass poked out attaching to my long thick legs
and my hips widened three extra inches
My rites of passage became Beauty to the Vision
Which I learned to flaunt
But was unable to share
‘Til I was eighteen
Yet no one said why…
Or how…
I should receive it
Or how…
I should love it or me
I became pregnant
In an unknown world of circumstantial evidence I received by watching others live not cautiously enough by made up rules of moral codes of conduct
I passed my rights and wrongs
Through pity and sorrow and mistakes
I earned my first badge in June of ‘94
It was a girl
Which opened the door to a load of things I’d only heard of in whispers told to the winds by my ancestors and elders while they stood over my shoulders peering at me
I fumbled through the secrets of living
With my five senses
Banishing the sixth for a later date with EXPERIENCE THE TEACHER
‘Foolishly in Love’
Fell on my relaxed hair and tampered with my brain
On May ‘98
By November ’99
I received my second Badge of Rites
Two blue stars and bright red cheeks
Another girl
Now it was my turn
To explain the unlearned
To a couple of older women recreated
Reincarnated into new bodies
Whose spirits long to revive the old traditions
Of Strength and Nurture and Culture and Truth
Showing me that
I don’t always have to represent
I just have to be Happy.
The spirits never stopped protecting me
Instead they came to join me on my journey through
Motherhood and Womanhood and Livelihood
From Ancestral Orishas Ifa and Yemaja
By living as My Daughters